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Intermar Hotel Marmaris TURKEY

Marmaris Resort

Marmaris was a Carian city with history going back to the 3500 B.C. Its ancient name was Physkos of which antique ruins can be seen at Asartepe (1.7 km north). A wonder of nature in itself, in this wonderful country, is the town of Marmaris greeting the Aegean, as well as the Mediterranean, on a dreamlike bay. Here, where the pine-clad mountains form a beautiful backdrop to the beaches of clearest waters, the medley of green and blue tones are fascinating.

This land of lacy coastline is ideal for the sun-worshippers, and offers the most attractive coves and inlets for those who would like to swim, dive or fish. The sheltered bay is a favorite for a relaxing holiday, while also being amazingly excellent for a lively vacation of water sports and sailing.

Along the promenade, adorned with palm trees, the Marmaris marina is a busy yachting center and also a pretty sight. The "Yacht Charter Show" organized here every May, is an enjoyable event with captains and crews coming together to sail with nature-lovers, among the impressive southern coasts of Turkey. One also may take the famous "Blue Voyage" from here, and make a fascinating trip along the elegant coastline of the Aegean. Marmaris is a yachting heaven with vast facilities for yacht owners.

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